weather experiments 

the weather is changing in so many different ways, warmer temperature, longer days, more or less rains, melting snows, strong winds, … there are many fun weather activity ideas to do with kids. Here are some on my list.

How to Make a Cloud in a Bottle

(Warning: Due to the use of hot water, glass, and matches, young children are cautioned not
to do this experiment without adult supervision.)
In the real world, clouds form when warm, moist air is cooled and condenses into tiny water
droplets, which collectively make up clouds. You can mimic this process (on a much smaller
scale, of course!) by using everyday items found in your home or school to put a cloud in a


Make your own rain gauge

What you will need: You can find out how much rain falls where you live by making your own rain
measure. This involves cutting, so you will need an adult to help.


Frozen Bubble Experiment

Bowl and spoon
200 ml warm water
2.5 tablespoons golden syrup (for thickness)
2 tablespoons sugar (for crystallization)
2.5 tablespoons washing up liquid
For making the bubbles:
1 straw
1 water or pop bottle
modelling clay or playdough
A day that is cold with no wind


Barometer Project

A barometer is used for measuring air pressure. It is a useful tool for helping predict weather
Make your own barometer and start making your own weather forecasts, compare your results to
the weather forecast on the news and see who does best!



What happens? The cold plate causes the moisture in the warm air, which is inside the jar to
condense and form water droplets. This is the same thing that happens in the atmosphere. Warm,
moist air rises and meets colder air high in the atmosphere. The water vapor condenses and forms
precipitation that falls to the ground


Wind Speed Challenge

Harness the power of wind with some weather based projects that will help you understand wind
speed and how it changes from place to place and day to da


Make a Tornado in a Bottle

Learn how to make a tornado in a bottle with this fun science experiment for kids. Using easy to find
items such as dish washing liquid, water, glitter and a bottle you can make your own mini tornado
that’s a lot safer than one you might see on the weather channel. Follow the instructions and enjoy
the cool water vortex you create!


Static Electricity Experiment

They say opposites attract and that couldn't be truer with these fun static
electricity experiments. Find out about positively and negatively charged
particles using a few basic items, can you control if they will be attracted or
unattracted to each other?


What Absorbs More Heat?

When you're out in the sun on a hot summers day it pays to wear some light coloured clothes, but
why is that? Experiment with light, colour, heat and some water to find out.



What happens? The hot air in the bottle expands as the cool air outside the bottle contracts. When
you first place the balloon over the mouth of the bottle, the air in the bottle is hot. As the air cools
from the ice water outside the bottle it contracts and pushes the balloon into the bottle. This is why
the air is taken from the balloon and sometimes gets sucked into the bottle

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