Weather events for September 

September wasn't the best months for the USA and Europe, hurricane Dorian made landfall with over 200mph gust's in the Bahamas, (Cat 5) and the tropical storm Gabrielle started somewhat later to turn out to be a Hurricane.
Then Europe saw extreme problems, Spain had torrential rain, with major flooding in the Valencia area, Barcelona had Tornados, other parts of Europe had 5-20cm hailstones, then we come to Italy who had major storms and over a 24hrs period they endured over 156000 lightning strikes.
In the Hurricane basin, there were 4 tropical storms forming, that was just the start of the bad weather until Northern Italy encountered snow falling!!
Back to Cornwall, September wasn't the best of months for us, as we started to see low weather system moving from the Southwest and the rain started, at points it was torrential and again flooding became our biggest problem.
The first of the Met Office weather warnings were put in place on the 9th, this time for thunderstorms. Not much came of it for us, as all we experienced were a few flashes and more torrential rain with strong winds.
On the 21st, the Met Office posted another warning, this time for rain and did it rain? Yep, it rained and rained and this became the theme for the next 2 months. September temperatures weren't too bad, 24c during the daytime down to 8c at nights.
By the end of the month, the rain didn't stop and we had some horrendous downpours causing some major travel problems. This created parts of the South Coast to be on severe flood warnings, as the Low weather systems started to roll in once again, bring with it large waves that caused havoc for some coastal areas.
Then on the 29th, we noticed Hurricane Lorenzo appear with a path towards the UK and made the news headlines as it became a Cat 5.
What did October have install for us??

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