Weather events for October

October wasn't the best of months, the rain had already started and there wasn't one dry day across Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly it rained every day, at some point, across the Duchy.
There weren't many Met Office warnings during this month, only 2 issued for rain but Kernow Weather Team were supplying you with weather advisories, every day for rain and strong winds, we experienced a few windy days with gusts topping 73mph.
This month also saw the media headlines reporting on the wildfires in California, Typhoon Hagibis, snow in Russia and very high temperatures in Spain, Portugal and France, at points highs of 41c were recorded in Spain but still their problems remained with their rain causing flooding.  
Here in the UK, after days and weeks of relentless rain and wind, powercuts and flood warnings we spotted a very deep low pressure out to the west of us and it looked nasty. Loads of rain wrapped up in the low, then over the next few days, it picked up in strength just in time to end October when the next system moved in.

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