Weather events for November

What a month November turned out to be. (The storm of the year with no name!!)
After hours studying weather charts we noticed that the low weather system was showing 90+mph gusts of winds and we issued our first post showing our concerns for severe, damaging gusts of wind and boy, were we right? By 3.30am a few of the team members were awake and we had already had gusts over 90 mph until at 05.52am we experienced one sizeable gust of 113mph. This shocked us all, not only did our weather station record this gust, it broke it!!

The rain was horrific and not helped by the strong winds, by the morning there were many reports of powers cuts across the Duchy, 936 homes without power in just one area together with reports of trees downed and damage to properties.
KWT even made the Media headlines, we were mentioned in Newspapers, on TV, as well as being on the local radio once again, and it was only just the start of the month.
The next shock for KWT was the suggestion from our followers of creating a funding page to assist with replacing the weather station lost during the unnamed storm. This we did and we were gobsmacked when the final donation settled at a total of £870, allowing us to purchase a better weather station so as to bring a more accurate forecast. this is the stage where our good friends at Evotek Marine offered to handmake our very own, extra strength bracket and weather station pole for ensuring the security for the new weather station to remain just that, safe!! we could not thank our followers or Evotek Marine for their generosity, so yet again, we Thank YOU all!!!

During November, the jetstream remained in a low position across the UK, this in return brought us very unsettled weather. Low weather systems rolled in one after another, with more of that unforgiving rain, wind and yet again, there wasn't one dry day, at some point, it was raining somewhere across the Duchy.
Other weather that happened this month was seen abroad with the terrible news of the major wildfires across Australia, more super Typhoons in Japan as well as super-sized hail in Australia.

During the middle of the month, back in the County, we had major hailstorms that caused many accidents and other travel problems.
It wasn't until the 19th, that the Met Office issued their first weather warning for rain.
By this time we had already had 19 days of rain!! Another warning came in on the 22nd for rain, (not a major shock) then yet another was issued on the 25th for rain and wind, this time we endured severe gales and a gust of 92mph was recorded.
There were multiple flood warnings put in place, including a severe one this time for the North coast, due to the big swell and waves. This was the first time this winter we posted our own Ice/Frost warning for parts of Cornwall, as the temperatures fell.
We can't thank you all this month for having trust in KWT, it means the world to us, as we have been getting weather warnings published before the Met Office. There were times when we needed weather warnings published and the Met Office didn't see the issues we could see coming.

Thank you for taking the time to read these posts.

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