Weather events for May 2019

May started pretty disappointing, as we saw unsettled conditions during the first week  with showers, even mist and fog for some places. This was the theme for the first week of May. It wasn't  particularly warm either, as some places temperatures only rose to 8C or 10C. Overnight, some places went down as low as 0C to 5C, with the winds blowing a N/NW direction which brought in cooler feeling airflow.
Even Bank holiday was rather cold, we even saw ground frost in some spots. The sun managed to pop out for Helston Flora only briefly. As we saw an Atlantic Low-pressure system move in from the Southwest, this gave rise to wind and rain, making May feel more like March.
We had wind speeds of 30-40mph and thundery downpours to contend with and even hail mixed in. The first half of May saw multiple radars and people in coats and wellies, and even heating on!! 
The temperatures rose gradually, and into the second half of May up to 14C which is still depressing for the time of year.
We gave out several advisorys throughout the month including 14th, as another wind storm approached.
So, May was dominated by low pressure, winds, rain and rather cool temperatures. Even mist and fog plagued the Duchy.
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