Weather Events in March 2019

Then we moved into March, and what a month this turn out to be?
The start of the month saw the Met Office already having issued a yellow weather warning for wind. This was to become the next named storm of this year (STORM FREYA). 
We recorded gusts of 68 mph and had flooding due to the torrential rainfall. (Temperatures still remained mild).
Then the next weather warning was issued, this time for rain on the 5th February and yep, we had more heavy rain with hail, then what?? You guessed it, around the 9th of March, more Met Office warned of strong winds due on the 10th that's when it all started once again. 69mph winds were recorded overnight, with heavy rain once again, but that's winter in Cornwall (could say summer too).
Then on the 12th of march, we had warnings because storm Gareth was bringing more strong winds. This time was slightly different as the winds were from a northerly direction and brought with it cooler temperatures. These gust's were around 60mph and brought down a few trees causing more disruptions to our travel.
Then the Met Office reported the next yellow weather warning for wind, on the 14th before the lies bringing wind and rain the weather settled down for a while. This lull saw the temperatures begin to take a drop. 
By the end of the month most of us were waking up to frosty mornings but just as the month came to a end, warnings for fog came from the Met Pffice, this causing a few problems with travel.
At this point, we started to see snow yet again, on the weather charts, as the temperatures started to drop, we weren't 100% sure if it would snow at that stage. 
Wow, what a month for weather!!
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