Weather events of January 

The first few days to the start year off the wasn't too bad, until the 3rd of January when there was a (SSW) Sudden Stratospheric Warming as well as polar vortex split. One was over North America whilst the other  one sat over Europe. Then the big risk of snow started but because we had had warm temperatures, many people started to doubt us!!! 
Then on the 4rd of January the temperature took a dip, the Met Office put out a cold weather alert for the 4th - 6th of January. On the 10th January, we wrote a report explaining that snow is would be very likely by the end of the month, guess what? We were right.
Let's look into it all at bit more!!!. 
Then on the 28 of January the Met Office issued a weather warning for.... you guessed it.... SNOW.  On the 29th it started to snow and was quite heavy in some areas of Cornwall, then that was that, the page went mad, 100s of comments and the travel problems started!! 
Grid lock in some areas, the A30 got hit hard in North cornwall but luckily it didn't stay around too long. 
As we moved into the 30th Jan, more snow started to fall again. Met Office warnings for ice and snow and temperatures dropped below -5c.  We at KWT also put out our own weather advisory for strong winds. 
Moving on to the 31st January. We spotted freezing rain in the West of Cornwall and yet again more snow started to fall. The Met Office posted a warning for snow and ice and another AMBER was issued for Devon for snow, if I remember correctly, cars were stuck over night on the A30, the temperature's started to drop once again, - 6 in North Cornwall and -3 in parts of the West. 
What a busy month that was for us. 
January also saw our page to grow, and our followers gained more trust in our reports. 
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