Weather events of February 2019

Looking back at February 2019's weather events.

The 1st of February didn't start off on a good foot. The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for ice for the end of the week but we still had snow flurries on the North coast, once again the temperatures dropped below freezing. (The Isles of Scilly was still 8c.) Then the reports came flooding in of school closures and roads being treacherous and shut, well that was a busy day for the team again. 
The 2nd of January was an exciting day for us all at KWT as we reached 7k followers. Never, did we ever think we would make a 1000 followers, so this called for us to thank everyone of you, our new and old community.
Back to the weather we still saw night time temperatures dropping well below - 3, the Met Office issue another AMBER cold weather alert and yet again the snow started to fall over North and parts of West Cornwall, we even had a few rumbles of thunder!! During the next few day's, the temperature started to climb and we were back to rain and wind, what's new there??? Hehe....
For a while the temperatures were quite mild at between 6c to 13c. 
On 6th Feb we saw strong wind and gusts over force 12 (72mph), plenty of travel problems, due to downed trees as well as torrential rain thrown into the mix, soaking the ground. 
7th Feb were when the first reports of Storm Erik became a concern and KWT reported of warnings for strong wind and heavy rain and it wasn't until the 8th that the Met Office put out a weather warning for wind, and didn't storm Eric bring strong gust's? 76mph was the max that day in Cornwall, the weather then setted down for a while, allowing us to have a spring like feel with nice mild temperatures, the odd shower and a few windy days until February the 28th when we started to spot snow on weather charts once again. At this stage we still had very mild temperatures reaching upto 18c.
All in all, February started off with cold and snow, rain and strong winds but by the end of the month the temperatures rose to as high as 18c. 
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