Weather events for August

Just as the kids broke up from School High pressure built over Briton and we saw some dry settled weather for a few days. This didn't last long as showers and rain moved up from the Southwest. The 5th saw KWT issue our first warning for the month as an unusually deep area of Low was spotted. On the 6th the Met Office issued a yellow warning for wind rain and strong winds.  This storm was looking pretty nasty and about to threaten the annual Boardmasters festival.
On the 8th the Met office issued a triple warning for the whole weekend as we were about to be battered by  strong winds and rain.
This soon lead to the Boardmasters being completly cancelled for the first time ever.
This was a  unfortunate but sensible desion made as,
over the next week torrential rain moved in with high winds up to 60mph were recorded, including thunder and lightning and power cuts for some areas.
The most intense storm was over France as 150,000 lightning strikes were recorded.
Another warning was issued by ourselves as the next Low pressure barreled towards Northwest Scotland, this in return saw some active weather systems move in from the Atlantic.
Another band of rain with wind speeds of up to 50mph were forecast. The jet stream stayed low below the UK this allowed Low Pressures to take hold of our weather patterns. 
Eventually, we saw some settled weather, with temperatures ranging between 20-24C, although high humidity made it feel more like 24-27C.
As we moved into the end of August we saw some sunshine however with high humidity comes mist and fog. 
By the 28th we issued another weather warning, as more torrential downpours were expected, power cuts and flooding were reported with August being rather eventful, to say the least, although felt more like the end of September
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