Weather events for April 2019

Reading back on all this, we didn't seem to have a good start to the year at all as April started off with cooler air moving in from the Northwest but we had a Low weather system to the South and yep you know what happened next. By the second of April, the snow started to fall once again but it was scattered snow flurries that caused a few problems on the roads. The temperature started to fall over night bringing frost, sleet, hail, snow and rain over the next few days until the 6th saw the winds move to a Easterly but it was no beast as the temperature soon became mild for a while.  With this, the pollen levels began to rise and over the next few days, the winds turned back to a Southwesterly direction keeping the temperature feeling very spring like. These temperatures remained until around the 10th April when the temperature started to fall and we noticed a blocking pattern over Scandinavia and the weather started to move up from the Southeast meaning more rain, chilly nights and strong winds.
Then came a lovely change, on around the 20th the temperatures jumped up to  into their 20c plus and we were shocked, as we could still see this cooler air on its way again. Then the thunderstorm risk started and we had a few flashes and bangs over the next few days.
We were correct again, as by the end of the month the temperatures had dropped considerably from the gorgeous 20c down to 5c/10c. A big drop was seen for the next few days. By the end of the month, once again snow was showing on the charts for May, but did it snow??? 
You'll have to wait for the May outlook.
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