Weather events of 2019

The first few days to the start year off the wasn't too bad, until the 3rd of January when there was a (SSW) Sudden Stratospheric Warming as well as polar vortex split. One was over North America whilst the other  one sat over Europe. Then the big risk of snow started but because we had had warm temperatures, many people started to doubt us!!! 

The 1st of February didn't start off on a good foot. The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for ice for the end of the week but we still had snow flurries on the North coast, once again the temperatures dropped below freezing. (The Isles of Scilly was still 8c.) Then the reports came flooding in of school closures and roads being treacherous and shut, well that was a busy day for the team again. 

Then we moved into March, and what a month this turn out to be?
The start of the month saw the Met Office already having issued a yellow weather warning for wind. This was to become the next named storm of this year (STORM FREYA). 

Reading back on all this, we didn't seem to have a good start to the year at all as April started off with cooler air moving in from the Northwest but we had a Low weather system to the South and yep you know what happened next


May started pretty disappointing, as we saw unsettled conditions during the first week  with showers, even mist and fog for some places. This was the theme for the first week of May. It wasn't  particularly warm either, as some places temperatures only rose to 8C or 10C. Overnight, some places went down as low as 0C to 5C, 

As we moved into June, with the Royal Cornwall Show looming, we saw a unsettled week with  Storm Miguel which moved up from the South scattered its left overs for us here in Cornwall. 

Now we move into July. We started off with blustery NW winds as there was a large Low Pressure over Scandinavia and a high pressure to the West out in the Atlantic. We were smack in between with temperatures in the teens.


Just as the kids broke up from School High pressure built over Briton and we saw some dry settled weather for a few days. This didn't last long as showers and rain moved up from the Southwest.

September wasn't the best months for the USA and Europe, hurricane Dorian made landfall with over 200mph gust's in the Bahamas, (Cat 5) and the tropical storm Gabrielle started somewhat later to turn out to be a Hurricane.

October wasn't the best of months, the rain had already started and there wasn't one dry day across Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly it rained every day, at some point, across the Duchy.

What a month November turned out to be. (The storm of the year with no name!!)
After hours studying weather charts we noticed that the low weather system was showing 90+mph gusts of winds and we issued our first post showing our concerns for severe, damaging gusts of wind and boy, were we right!

Well, the last month of the year saw unprecedented amounts of rainfall and tons of weather warnings. We were concerned for Father Christmas at one point, poor bloke would need a boat

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