Hidden Cornwall,Carn Euny

Carn Euny,There are a number of so-called 'ancient villages' in the southwest of England. Perhaps the most well known is Chysauster, but just a short distance away from Chysauster is Carn Euny, one of the best-preserved village sites in Cornwall. The village was occupied from the Iron Age to the late Roman period, and the remains include stone foundations of domestic buildings and an underground passage of the type known as a fogou. The site was built in three distinct phases, beginning in the 5th century BCE. It may have been settled by the Bronze Age, but most of the finds on the site come from the Iron Age and Roman periods. It is built on the south slope of Carn Brane hill, at the top of which is an Iron Age hillfort.The fogou is one of the best preserved in Cornwall and is unique in that the central chamber is round, of the sort known as beehive construction. The underground passage runs for 66 feet to a round chamber made of granite blocks, corbelled to a roof opening that is exposed to the sky above. The passage is from 5.5 to 6.5 feet high and 6-7 feet wide. It has walls of granite blocks, with slabs of granite laid across the passage to form a roof.

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