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  • Ernest Sampson (Wednesday, February 16 22 07:04 pm GMT)

    Just had a set of ladders knocked our backdoor, blown over from out next door neighbour, no damage done.


  • Andrea, Reed, AccuWeather (Tuesday, July 09 19 03:14 am BST)

    What a fantastic website and brilliant Facebook page, love the weather forecast they are so spot on, one day your go big and not just Kernow 😉

  • Andy Bilham (Thursday, December 28 17 07:52 pm GMT)

    Great site - just discovered it via lanner Life FB page!
    I'm a volunteer watchkeeper for the NCI at St. Agnes Head, and have been fascinated with the weather since my youth, I have some resources which might be useful if you would like to get in touch,

  • Mr C (Wednesday, December 13 17 12:48 pm GMT)

    Love the website, keep it up! I've just been shown it!

  • Luke Clarke (Wednesday, November 29 17 05:40 pm GMT)

    Hello Good Website Dave Clarke!

    Like the Weather Report's

  • Androw (Monday, November 27 17 08:44 pm GMT)

    I recommend this site to all Cornish weather enthusiasts. Great to have a Kernow weather team.

  • Androw (Monday, November 27 17 08:38 pm GMT)

    Dydh da fatla genes,

    Excellent site you have and great striking Kernow flag.

    I've been a Cornish weather enthusiast since I was a child, even now at 43 its my amateur passion.

    I am setting up my own Twitter site from January hopefully.

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