Rip current's

Rips are strong currents running out to sea, which can quickly drag people  away from the shallows of the shoreline and out to deeper water.     Rip currents are one of the most common causes of coastal deaths.

Rip currents can be formed in different ways, and there are three different types to know about: 

Flash rip: A rip current can form suddenly and vanish just as fast due to decreasing water levels or increasing wave heights.

Fixed rip: A fixed rip, sometimes formed between sand bars, can stay in the same place for days, weeks, or even months.

Permanent rip: In a place with a permanent obstacle like a reef, a rip may be ever present.

iIf you do find yourself caught in a rip:

- Don’t try to swim against it or you’ll get exhausted.
- If you can stand, wade don’t swim.
- If you can, swim parallel to the shore until free of the rip and then head for shore.
- Always raise your hand and shout for help.

All information is from RLNI and google searches

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